Team Competition and Traditional Challenge

Mega Team Competition

The Mega Team competition is a special separate team event from the NASKA Demo Team event and/or the NASKA Sync Team event.
It requires a minimum of 10 team members.


The winner of the Advanced Mega Team competition will perform on stage at the Diamond National Finale on Saturday night. The performance stage is 30’x 30’. Your team must be able to perform on a 30’x30’ square.

Teams with ten competitors and more are considered “Mega teams.” There are two divisions (Beginner & Advanced) for Mega team competition.

Beginner mega teams must have a majority of competitors under the rank of brown belt. Belt colors of all ranks (including black belt) may be part of a Mega team as long as the majority are lower than brown belt. Advanced mega teams - If a team has 50% or more of its members at brown belt or higher, they will be in the advanced division.

Mega teams will be judged on the following criteria:

Synchronization - The “tighter” teams are, the higher their scores will be. Teams who perform “on count” will not be scored as highly as teams who do not. If music is included, the synchronization of team movements to the music will be a factor in judging.

Execution - The individual performances of team members should be judged as they would in individual competition.

Presentation, Creativity and Difficulty – As in individual form competition, more creative and\or difficult forms, performed well, will score higher than easier forms that are performed equally well. –

Please note: Music is optional in both Beginner and Advanced Mega Team competition.

Team Sparring and Synchronized Form

Please note Adult Competitors can only enter one Team Fighting Championship. Competitors must pick either the 18+ Fighting Teams or Senior Fighting Teams (not both). They will be happening at the same time.

Black Belt Team Sparring and Synchronized Form/Weapons 1st Place 2nd Place
3 Man Sparring: 18+ $1500 $300
3 Man Sparring: 30+, 40+, 50+ (team must have one member from each age group) $800 $200
2 Man Sparring: 60+
2 Woman Sparring: 18+ $800 $200
2 Woman Sparring: 30+, 40+ (team must have one member from each age group) $400
2 Woman Sparring: 60+
18+ Men Open Weight Sparring $1000 $300
18+ Women Open Weight Sparring $800 $200
Team Demonstration (15 members and under) $1000 $200
Team Synchronized Form and Weapons (2-5 Members) - Sponsored by Paul Mitchell Products
AA Synchronized Form $500
AA Synchronized Weapons $500
A Synchronized Form/Weapons
Grand Champion (AA Form vs AA Weapons vs A Form/Weapons) $500
Traditional Challenge Time
13 & Under Boys/Girls 1:30PM Friday
14-17 Boys/Girls 1:30PM Friday
18+ Men/Women 1:30PM Friday