Divisions and Ring Assignments

The Diamond Nationals will offer “A” and “AA” Black Belt Weapons, Form and Sparring Divisions. All Black Belt competitors will have the option to compete in the “A” or “AA” divisions, but not both. “AA” Black Belt divisions are the normal NASKA Black Belt youth and adult divisions where NASKA ratings points are earned, NASKA grand champions are crowned and adult prize money is awarded. You do not have to be a NASKA competitor to compete in these more professional divisions but competitors must note that “AA” divisions will likely be more competitive with more experienced competitors than in the “A” divisions.

The “A” Black Belt divisions are for those black belt competitors who are not interested in competing for NASKA rating points and would like the great experience and challenge of competing in the world-class Diamond Nationals. There is no prize money, seeding or grand championships in the “A” Black Belt divisions. First thru 8th place awards will be awarded in both the “A” and “AA” Black Belt Divisions.